You cannot visit Munich without a sightseeing tour around the interesing city, where you among other things can learn more about the many historically significant locations which were important for the origins of National Socialism as well as the German resistance movement. We also offer many day trips to a brewery, Nuremberg and Dachau and the former concentration camp.

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Munich Airport Bus

Munich Airport Bus

Get your bus transfer from Munich airport and arrive easily and safely at Munich City. Book your tickets for Munich Airport Bus transfer here!

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Day trip to Dachau - Memorial Site

Day trip to Dachau - Memorial Site

Visit the village of Dachau, the former concentration camp and the museum at the memorial site. Today the ground have been turned into a memorial site and a sad reminder of World War II. Book your tour to Dachau today!

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Day trip to Berchtesgaden and Eagle's Nest

Day trip to Berchtesgaden and Eagle's Nest

Join us for a scenic drive along the German Alpine Road through impressive valleys to Berchtesgaden. Once up on the Obersalzberg mountain, you have the opportunity to visit the NS-Documentation Center and try the special bus and elevator up to Eagle's Nest. Book your tour from Munich to Berchtesgaden now!

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